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  • AI interprets motion data from an Apple Watch to capture everything about your surf session

  • Browse our surf map to see how and where you’re catching waves

  • Analyze statistics about your waves and paddling, like speed, distance, or duration

  • Understand the dynamics of each individual wave and improve your surfing


  • Browse statistics about your favorite break — like how many waves people catch on average, when it’s busiest, or which swell is best

  • Compete in leaderboards at each break and prove you're the best surfer at your local spot

Surf Map.png


  • See how many waves your buddies are catching without needing to paddle out with them

  • Feel like you’re surfing with the community even if you surf at dawn and your friends surf at sunset

  • Stay in the loop on important community announcements and events


  • Compete in challenges with your friends in cooperative or versus modes

  • Start solo challenges to set goals for yourself and train for an event

  • Finally prove to your friends you really did catch 20 waves last swell or that you caught the biggest wave


  • Remotely host competitions with unlimited participants, all competing at their own time and place, with scores autonomously tracked by the app

  • Spontaneously declare a competition on a weekend with an unexpectedly good swell and avoid the planning, logistics, and costs of organizing a traditional competition



Engage your community

Improve your surfing

Avoid logistic, financial, and geographic hurdles and engage your community of surfers beyond sporadic events. Bring together your surfers with Lotus – see the waves they catch, set up challenges that spark friendships, and host competitions everyone can compete in at their own time or place.

Lotus tracks everything about your surf session – like how many waves you caught, your speed on them, or how you paddled to catch them. You can relive the session with our surf map that breaks down each wave, understand how to improve your surfing, and compare sessions with your friends.

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